Avoiding End-of-Semester Bitterness through Trust and Flexibility

Midterms have come and gone, along with March, and now we’re staring down the last four weeks or so of the semester. One of the perks of working at Grand View is that the end of the semester falls in the last week of April, earlier than any other institution at which I’ve taught, by far. But that early endpoint is a bit of a double-edged sword, as I feel like I’ve just finished midterm grades and all of a sudden it’s a sprint to the end of the semester. Both faculty and students feel the end-of-term crunch as projects come due and graduation deadlines loom, while it seems like we’ve been at this for years, instead of since last August. As we prepare for this hectic final stretch, it’s worth remembering that stress and burnout aren’t just things our students experience; they can shape our response to the end of the term as well. Continue reading “Avoiding End-of-Semester Bitterness through Trust and Flexibility”