Nudging Our Way to Semester’s End

surprised koalaThere is one more full week of classes remaining this semester, and the end is near (in the academic sense, at least). The end of the semester bring a lot of opportunities for reflection for both us and our students, as well as to celebrate our accomplishments. As this post goes live, Grand View’s Undergraduate Research Symposium is kicking into gear in the Student Center. If you need a booster shot of motivation, go look at what our students are presenting. There has been some amazing work done this year, and we have a lot to be proud of. In that same vein, a hearty thank-you to Cara Stone and the Library staff for hosting our Faculty/Staff Celebration of Vocation reception yesterday. It’s always exciting to see colleagues’ intellectual, artistic, and scholarly work; my takeaway is that our community does really cool and interesting work. Congratulations to all whose work was on display, and I look forward to seeing next year’s iteration of our community’s scholarly efforts. Continue reading “Nudging Our Way to Semester’s End”