Synchronous Online Meeting Expectations

zoom meeting imageIn continuing the theme of “nudges” from Friday’s Teaching Tip, here is a “nudge” to help you clarify your synchronous online meeting expectations.

As a part of the digital age, we are more and more engaged in virtual classrooms and meetings as well as webinars.  With new environments come new expectations (not to mention additional learning curves).  I was recently a part of the virtual networking meeting that suggested there should be clarity in your expectations for online meetings.  I couldn’t agree more!  Here is an example of a statement aimed at participants to be included in your expectations: “If you drop from the meeting I expect you to email me immediately, let me know the situation, and try connecting again.”  As a leader of a meeting, it is also important to have expectations should you unexpectedly disconnect.  “If I, the leader, drop from the meeting, please remain a part of the meeting for 10 minutes.  If I do not return by that time, please check your email for further instructions.”  In addition, with a little tweaking, these clear expectations could be integrated into many sections of your syllabus and leave less to the world of the unknown.