Preparing Media/Video Assignments for Students

The increase in technology usage among students is growing preparing them for advanced digital citizenship, beyond the use of social media. Want to know more about digital citizenship? Here are “9 Key ‘P’rinciples.”

Because of these advancements, I would like to offer some advice to instructors and instructional designers on developing media assignments.

  • You, the instructor, should attempt to complete the same assignment before assigning it to students. Your first-hand knowledge of the technology students will be using is key when troubleshooting.
  • If more than two or three students ask you the same question, add more clarification to your instructions.
  • Penn State’s Media Commons has put together a great resource for instructors who are planning on implementing a media assignment for assessment of student learning. Do your instructions follow these guides? Penn State’s Preparing Media Assignments
  • Do you want more information? This resource is an example of what might be provided for students: Video editing guide for possible student consumption. Notice how they use the same technology as a model for what students should prepare.

Happy Video Editing!

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