Embedding YouTube Videos into PowerPoint Presentations

This tip was inspired by a follow-up question from last week’s tip  about Embedding YouTube Videos in Blackboard.

In PowerPoint, go to the Insert tab on the ribbon.  On the right-hand side in the section called Media, there is a Video button.  Use the drop-down menu to pick Online Video.

PowerPoint Insert menu; select video, then online video

A pop-up window will appear (it is very slow to appear) and you may chose the location of your video such as YouTube or From a Video Embed code from any other site.  (Embed codes are usually found in the “Share” option of most online video repositories.)  Type the title and hit enter to search (again, it is very slow – be patient).

Embed Online video options in Powerpoint; Choices are YouTube or from a Video Embed Code

Select the icon that matches the video you want to embed.  Then select Insert.

Video search results; selecting the video for embedding.

In order to view the video, you should be in SlideShow or Presentation mode.

Additional Notes:

  • When presenting, you must have internet access for the video to play.
  • Select the video image, then you may chose options for how the video plays in your presentation by adjusting the settings in this Playback menu:Additional embedded video options in Powerpoint; Playback - Start on click.


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