Embed Videos YouTube Videos in Blackboard

Have you ever wanted to embed videos directly in your course rather than use a URL to direct students to another webpage full of distractions and advertisements?

An embedded video would look clean like this wonderful TED Talks video by Ann Morgan called “My Year Reading a Book from Every Country in the World“:

Embedded YouTube Video

A link to YouTube would take students to the following YouTube site.  It is a hot mess with distractions and advertisements taking valuable focus away from learners:

YouTube Link with Distractions

In order to add an embedding link in Blackboard 9.1, follow these tips:

  • In your course Content area > use the Build Content tool > in the second column under the Mashup header click “YouTube Video”.
  • In the search bar, you may use either the YouTube URL or the title of the video to find what you are looking for.  Once you have it located, hit “Select”.
  • Then “Submit” to finish adding it to your course content area.

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