Copy and/or Merge Courses in Blackboard

Copy Courses

Did you know that you can quickly and easily copy course content from past semesters if you were using Blackboard?  Please use the GV instructions linked here (login required) or generic, but good, Blackboard instructions here (no login required) to ensure a great start to your semester.

Merge Courses

  • What is a merged course?  You may have multiple sections of the same course on your course list in Blackboard. What if you only want to maintain once course sight including one Grade Center?  You can merge your courses so that they appear as only one site on Blackboard where all students from those multiple sections accessing the same information.  Saves you time and energy.  It’s nice when tools promote efficiency, isn’t it?
    1. Limitations of a Merge:  For efficiency purposes, there is an order to this operation but with great details in instructions from you, it can be worked around.  Please let your LMS Administrator know where the original content is kept so that they can use the information as the basis for the merge.
      • Once courses are merged, students are not automatically dropped.  Please let your LMS Administrator know when student names are maintained and shouldn’t be.

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