Spring 2020 Offerings from CETL

This semester, CETL is excited to bring you a full slate of programming across a wide range of topics and times. As any of you who have tried to schedule committee meetings has already learned, when schedules grow more complicated, it’s difficult impossible to find a regular day and time which work for everyone.

GIF image of frustrated man throwing a computer
Me trying to sechedule a 3-person meeting

Therefore, our expanded roster of one-hour Conversations on Teaching sessions will be offered in multiple time slots, and those will be on as many different days as possible as we try to accommodate as many schedules as we can. We will also be piloting an effort to record some of these sessions and house them online for folks who can’t attend any of the scheduled live sessions but are still interested in the topic. Continue reading “Spring 2020 Offerings from CETL”

Transparent Design, Interesting Links, and a Few Announcements

The Fall semester is nearing crunch time, in particular for those teaching late-semester courses that are just hitting their stride, so this week’s CETL blog will be a brief digest, with some announcements and links appended. Continue reading “Transparent Design, Interesting Links, and a Few Announcements”

Using the Grading Schema Tool in Blackboard

In the joint college meeting last Thursday, there was a lengthy discussion of some of the implementation questions surrounding Grand View’s new plus-minus grading system that will go into effect this Fall. During the discussion, a couple folks had questions about how Blackboard’s gradebook could be tweaked to reflect the new plus-minus scales that we implement in our classes. As promised, here is a quick overview of how you can use the “Grading Schema” feature of Blackboard’s gradebook to create a custom scale for students to see the letter grade equivalents for their percentages that you enter in the gradebook columns. Continue reading “Using the Grading Schema Tool in Blackboard”

A Full Slate of CETL Programming for the Spring

Happy new year from the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning! We hope that everyone’s semester is off to an excellent start. In this week’s post, we want to update you on the numerous opportunities for pedagogical and professional development that CETL will be offering this semester. Tiffany Morlan, our Blackboard administrator and Instructional Technologist, will be offering a wide range of Blackboard and classroom technology sessions. Kevin Gannon, CETL Director, will be facilitating several workshops on a variety of topics relating to teaching and/or technology.  Continue reading “A Full Slate of CETL Programming for the Spring”

Smart Board Tips and Tricks

One of the perks that comes with teaching at Grand View is that almost every classroom on our campus is equipped with an interactive Smart Board. It’s a really versatile tool, but in the hustle and bustle of the semester, it’s easy to forget it can do a bunch of stuff. So we default to using it like we would a regular old whiteboard (though don’t use the dry-erase markers on it–PLEASE!).  If you’ve ever wondered, though, if there are additionally capabilities with the Smart Board that could help you and your students, here are a few tips and tricks you might be interested in: Continue reading “Smart Board Tips and Tricks”