Blackboard Grade Center Tips

Features of the Grade Center in Blackboard can be quite helpful for handling course management and facilitating learning.

  • Creating Columns are easy!
  • Make comments on student submissions using Inline Grading.
  • Creating Smart Views for easy management is a little trickier, but will save you tons of time navigating the grade center…
  • Creating Color Codes can also help you and student stay informed with a quick scan of the grades


Grade Center Reminders:

  • If a student earns a 0 on an assignment, enter it in the Grade Center on BB.
  • Remember that null (–) grades in the Grade Center are not a part of the final calculation and is likely impact that students actual grade.  Null is NOT equal to 0 in a Running Total.  Please replace all null grades with either a 0, an alternate grade, or choose the “Exempt” option from the drop down menu.
  • *optional* NOTE:  about Weighted Grading in BB – Columns worth 0 (usually Extra Credit) are not calculated in Weighted Grade columns.
  • Make a backup copy of your Grade Center gradebook from each course by downloading to excel.
    • Grade Center > Work Offline > Download > Submit > Download > Save options.
  • Direct any questions to Karly!
  • Core Curriculum and Core Assessment Questions should be directed to John Lyden. Core data and seminar artifacts will be downloaded on May 6, 2016.  Please have your assessment done by then.

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