A Full Slate of CETL Programming for the Spring

Happy new year from the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning! We hope that everyone’s semester is off to an excellent start. In this week’s post, we want to update you on the numerous opportunities for pedagogical and professional development that CETL will be offering this semester. Tiffany Morlan, our Blackboard administrator and Instructional Technologist, will be offering a wide range of Blackboard and classroom technology sessions. Kevin Gannon, CETL Director, will be facilitating several workshops on a variety of topics relating to teaching and/or technology. 

One of our goals this semester is to try and accomodate as many of the varying campus and community schedules as we can this semester. To that end, you’ll notice that almost every session will be offered at multiple time slots; feel free to attend the one that best fits your schedule. As always, the CETL staff happy to schedule a consultation with you should you not be able to make any of the scheduled session times, or if you’d like to further explore any of the particular topics.

Here is the schedule for all of this semester’s Blackboard and Instructional Technology sessions:

For our Conversations on Teaching series this semester, we’ll be looking at a number of specific topics which incorporate digital tools to help both student learning and faculty workflow. Our first session will look at digital tools for encouraging student collaboration. See the flyer below for a complete session description:

Next, we’ll look at some of the ways that we can get through our (often overwhelming) grading load more efficiently, without sacrificing the quality of feedback we give our students. “Escaping Grading Jail” is an updated version of a session we offered several years ago, with some new tips, tricks, and techniques for creating a better grading workflow:

In late March, we’ll be offering a workshop on integrating social media into teaching to promote student learning. Whether you love or hate social media, it’s undeniable that these platforms play a large role in our students’ lives, and that they are thus potentially powerful tools to promote engaged learning. This session will introduce several social media platforms that fit this bill, and suggests some strategies for incorporating them into your courses:

Finally, we will be holding another session in the Rethinking Iterations series aimed at examining the ways we can more integrate specific GV Core iterations into our courses. In early April, CETL will host an interactive workshop on the Global Awareness iteration, aimed at faculty who are either interested in incorporating that iteration into a course, or who already teach GA but are looking to expand or revise the ways in which they do so:

We hope to see you at any or all of these sessions this spring! Please feel free to contact Tiffany or Kevin if you have any questions about any of them.

[Note: you can download these flyers by clicking the button at the top right of the frame that expands them to a full window, and then saving them to your device. We’re also happy to email copies to you if you wish; just ask!]

For this week’s cute animal picture–as we move into a week where it’s quite evidently winter weather–please enjoy these floofy pups running in the snow (it’s quite hypnotic, to be honest):


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