Critically Reflective Practice at the End of the Semester

Re-entry after an extended break is always difficult, but re-entry after Thanksgiving has always been the hardest for me. Since we only have a week or two in the semester after the Thanksgiving recess, the end-of-term flurry of activity seems to hit me in the face that first Monday back (which is why the post you’re reading now is coming on a Tuesday). It’s more than just getting back on the horse; it’s like trying to jump on the horse while it’s galloping¬† at full speed and wearing a saddle coated in Crisco. Continue reading “Critically Reflective Practice at the End of the Semester”

Thinking about Thinking

This past Tuesday, several faculty and staff members gathered for the semester’s first Conversations on Teaching, which focused on promoting reflective learning and metacognition for better student learning. It was a thoughtful discussion, out of which several ideas emerged for collaborative work with students–so stay tuned. If you missed the session, you can find the resource guide by clicking here, and we’ll offer it again as a Saturday workshop later in the semester. It’s a fascinating and complex topic, with a lot of cutting-edge research suggesting that reflection and metacognition are key strategies for learning and retention.
Continue reading “Thinking about Thinking”