Helping Students Learn From Failure

This week, we’re reposting an entry from Fall, 2017, on the ways in which we can help students learn from failure and adversity, as a prelude to this week’s Conversations on Teaching sessions on Helping Students Learn From Failure. It’s a tough topic, and in this immediate post-midterm context, some of our students may be struggling and frustrated without necessarily seeing a clear path forward. By suggesting ways in which we might help students learn from failure, what we’re really after here is restoring motivationFailing grades are one of the most significant “de-motivators” out there, and getting students to realize that there is still time to rescue their grade—but more importantly, to learn and be successful in the larger sense—is crucial. If you’re looking for ways to help students make this step, consider joining us either Wednesday afternoon at 4:00, or Thursday at 10:30 AM. We hope to see you there! Continue reading “Helping Students Learn From Failure”

Learning from Failure

This is the week where we report low midterm grades, and for many of our students, the prospect of failure becomes something a bit more urgent and real. This dilemma presents a series of choices for our students, and we hope that they are able to choose wisely in order to remedy whatever problems contributed to that low midterm grade. But how can we ensure that this is what really happens–that our students take the appropriate lessons from failure and use them to become more successful? After all, we know that fear of failure often leads students to make choices we’d rather not see: cheating, for example, or seeing learning as merely strategic instead of something deeper. Continue reading “Learning from Failure”