Do We Use Email, or Does Email Use Us?

Email. It was supposed to save us time–a quick email instead of “snail mail” will be SO MUCH FASTER–but has instead taken more of that precious commodity than we could have ever anticipated. That’s the paradox of technology: sometimes innovations that were intended to be time-savers end up being time-suckers instead. Email is the perfect example of this. It’s not just easy, it’s too easy. Have a textbook for sale? Send an email. Don’t feel like walking down the hall to engage in actual human conversation? Send an email. Want to rant and rave, but find it hard to gather an audience? Send an email! Before you know it, our Outlook inboxes are groaning under the weight of everyone’s electronic id in message form. And that’s not even counting all of the messages generated by a reply-all message chain where everyone is telling everyone else to stop using reply-all. Continue reading “Do We Use Email, or Does Email Use Us?”

Managing Time: ePortfolios and email

Theme: Mind the ePortfolio regularly and sigh relief later…

Managing your time – the basis for all unwanted stress.  You can gain control.  Life can get a little bit easier!  This post is all about using efficiency practices for ePortfolio development and email overload. ePortfolios are one of the most time consuming expectations of Academia. However, there are ways to help you reduce the amount of time you spend on collecting artifacts. It is time to plan ahead, employ technology, and track your resources as you gather them.

The focus of this first article – how-to maintain ePortfolio documentation in an ongoing basis.  It might be time to learn new technologies to support your archival endeavors and stress reduction.  Ongoing record keeping makes the ePortfolio much less of a beast when it comes time to submit the final product.  In addition, How Tech Tools Can Help Professors Prepare Their Tenure Portfolios, is for a wider audience than just professors.  Professionals can use the advice during their portfolio development as well. Rather than the drudge is can sometimes be, let’s make the process of building an ePortfolio a celebration of accomplishments.

Theme: Limit your time spent with email – it doesn’t hug back…

The second article is advice for managing your time when it comes to email.  This is not about if you should reply to email, but When Should You Reply to Email?  Replying to emails 24 hours a day will cause burnout, curt responses, and just all around unpleasantness.  It is time to limit email communication and enjoy life a little more.